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"Word" January 2012 - the Newsletter of the LRELC

CWU Learning for All website for London Region Learning Centres

The ‘CWU Learning for all’ website has been set up for all Regions to upload information about the Learning Services available in their area through branch involvement with Learning Centres.
To access the website please use the following link: www.cwulearn.org

From the home page go to the ‘Regions’ list and select London.

Then from the London Region home page go to 'Branches' and select from the list of branch names for Learning Centre information.
Information available includes details of forthcoming courses and events being held, the range of learning services available and a contacts page.

The London Region home page has details of the RLC Officers and RLC Meeting dates and lists contact details and information for the Regional Learning Committee.
The latest learning policies and procedures are available to download from the ‘Policies’ and ‘About’ sections and you can find latest news items in the ‘More’ section.

Dyslexia Assessment Screening

A software package that runs a programme to assess dyslexia levels has been purchased and is available to be used in Learning Centres and Branches. The software is loaded on to a laptop and runs an assessment test which takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. The results of the assessment will give an individual member an indication of whether or not they have any dyslexic tendencies.
The use of the software is primarily to promote learning services on offer to members and is also available to all London Branches.
All appointments for the assessment will be made individually and all information will be given and kept in the strictest confidence.

Regional Learning Resources

There are 12 laptops available, with Mobile Broadband Connection, for all London Branches to use to promote learning services for members. Internet connection through the mobile broadband offers access to websites with free online courses in a range of subjects and topics. Learning sessions can be arranged to be held in locations that suit the members needs and cover varying times of the day and days of the week.

UK Online

The CWU London Region is registered with UK Online to offer Basic IT Skills courses for complete beginners through the ‘Go On’ website. This is a government funded organisation to encourage more use of internet and e-mail. It is aimed at those who are new to computers or have only a limited knowledge and experience of how to use the services available on the internet or how to contact friends and family by e-mail.
Course modules start from using a keyboard and mouse and include how to use e-mail, online services for local and government organisations, shopping and job applications.
It only takes a few minutes to register and you can start the courses straight away.

IAG Services

Learning Centres in the London Region are able to offer Information, Advice and Guidance services to help you decide what type of learning you would like to do and when. Wherever possible the course that you take can be arranged in a learning centre. If this isn’t possible we will help you find the course you want to take in a suitable location for you.
All appointments for IAG will be made individually with you and all information will be given and kept in the strictest confidence. No information will be passed on without your permission.

ULR Courses

Forthcoming ULR training is available at Alvescot Lodge on the following dates:

Union Learning Reps Part 1 Course
Monday 25 - Friday 29 June 2012
Closing date for applications - Tuesday 10 May

Union Learning Reps Part 2 Course
Monday 22 - Friday 26 October 2012
Closing date for applications - TBC

It would also be possible to arrange Regional ULR training in London if there are enough applicants available to attend.

Contact Details

Please contact any of the RLC Officers for further details.

Chair: Vic Paulino 07949 122193
Secretary: Nick Bury 07939 815290
Deputy Secretary and Editor: George White 020 7239 2521

London Regional Education and Learning Committee
Office Tel: 01727 812668
e-mail: londonrlandec@btconnect.com






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