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London Regional Education and Learning Committee

LRELC Meetings

Meetings 2016

All meetings will be held at the CWU Head Office, starting at 11am.

The 2016 LRELC meeting dates will be:

Thursday 21st January,

Thursday 16th June,

Thursday 6th October.

There will be a Joint Regional Learning Committee Meeting for Eastern, London and South East Region Learning Committees held on:

Friday 4th March.


Minutes of the meetings will be circulated to branches and ULR's.







LRELC Officers:


Chair: George White

Tel: 020 3338 1098

e-mail: george.r.white@royalmail.com


Secretary: Nick Bury

Tel: 01727 812668

e-mail: londonrlandec@btconnect.com


Deputy Secretary and Editor: position vacant








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